Dr. Geoff guarino

Dr. Geoff Guarino. Structural chiropractor in Wexford, PA.

Dr. Geoff Guarino. Structural chiropractor in Wexford, PA.

Dr. Geoff Guarino is a structural chiropractor who works with clients to improve their current physical state of being while also preventing future injury. 

Geoff believes that when approaching any challenge, from structural shifts of the spine to sports performance optimization, there should be measurable changes. That is why all aspects of his proprietary methods, from his structural chiropractic offices to his fitness center, rely on using cutting edge technology.

Geoff has been involved with several unique opportunities such as: working as part of an integrated healthcare team for national championship rugby clubs, working with D1 athletes in the sports of wrestling/swimming/basketball/tennis, and presenting to medical doctors on the benefits of structural chiropractic care. 

Geoff is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, holds a Masters degree in Sport Health Science, and also was named EMS person of the year in 2009 for his work in State College (where he helped run a student only ambulance service). Geoff is certified in the Grostic, Pierce and Thompson protocols for structural correction of the spine. He is currently in progress to earn his board certification in the Atlas Orthogonal method of spinal correction.

Geoff holds a B.S. in Bio-behavioral Health with a minor in Health Policy Administration from Pennsylvania State University. Geoff also holds a Master's in Sport Health Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA.