Base metabolic rate test

This assessment is covered by most major insurances.

Is your metabolism really slow?

The FOUNDATION METABOLIC ASSESSMENT allows us to accurately measure an individual's base metabolic rate. The base metabolic rate is the number of calories that a person burns in a 24 hour period, at rest. This is extremely valuable information for people who are working on weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain. This isn't just about weight loss for those in Indiana, PA. It's about learning how to best manage your body and lifestyle to create the healthiest version of you.

The patient merely breathes through a simple mouthpiece as all the exhaled air is collected and analyzed.  Because there is a direct correlation between oxygen consumed and calories burned (4.813 calories for every milliliter of oxygen consumed), an accurate measurement of oxygen consumption is an effective measurement of calorie consumption.

VO2 Max in Wexford, PA

Covered by most major insurances

How good of shape are you in?

Our process is a simple one. At your first assessment, you fill out a questionnaire and will undergo your first VO2 Max assessment. The administering Doctor will then go over your data with you and/or your trainers/coaches. You will receive a full report on your assessment that includes important data points such as: anabolic threshold, optimum heart rate, resting metabolic rate, as well as calories burned while working out at specific heart rates. Additionally, you will receive a personalized 12 week workout program that you, your trainers or coaches may incorporate into your training.

After the initial assessment, we will set up an Initial Phase of Training. This time varies from sport, age, fitness level and goals. You then have the option, at the end of the Initial Phase of Training, to undergo a second VO2 Max assessment. This will let you objectively determine if your training regimen was effective. It is strongly encouraged to have a retest done so that you can see the difference improving your Foundation can have on your performance.

Many people are inefficient exercisers, with no understanding of what heart rate, intensity or duration would best help them reach their specific goals. 

No matter what your fitness goals are objective data is crucial to guide your training. We provide concrete data for you, your personal trainers, and coaches to use to optimize your training regimen.